The Meaning of Aloha

20 07 2017

‘Aloha’ was a recognition of life in another. If there was life there was mana, goodness and wisdom, and if there was goodness and wisdom there was a god-quality. One had to recognize the ‘god of life’ in another before saying ‘Aloha,’ but this was easy. Life was everywhere … Aloha had its own mana. It never left the giver but flowed freely and continuously between giver and receiver. ‘Aloha’ could not be thoughtlessly or indiscriminately spoken, for it carried its own power. No Hawaiian could greet another with ‘Aloha’ unless he felt it in his own heart. If he felt anger or hate in his heart he had to cleanse himself before he said ‘Aloha’. – Queen Lili’uokalani

Mark Twain’s thoughts about the Hawaiian Islands

8 07 2016

IMG_5954The loveliest fleet of islands that lies anchored in any ocean.
Mark Twain

Identifying the Fish of Hawaii: Spotted Pufferfish

27 05 2016

Months of the Year in Hawaiian

1 05 2016

IMG_5781January – ‘Iaunuali (ee-ya-oo new-ahlee)
February – Pepeluali (pay-pay loo-ahlee )
March – Malaki (ma-la-key)
April – ‘Apelila (ah-pe-lee-la)
May – Mei (may-ee)
June – Iune (ee-oo-ney)
July – Iulai (ee-oo-la-ee)
August – ‘Aukake (ah-oo-ka-key)
September – Kepakemapa (key-pa-key-ma-pa)
October – ‘Okakopa (oh-ka-ko-pa)
November – Nowemapa (No-vay-ma-pa)
December – Kekemapa (key-key-ma-pa)

Birds of Hawaii: ‘Akekeke

20 04 2016

‘Akekeke is an abundant winter visitor in Hawaii arriving in August and heading to its arctic breading grounds in April and May. A few have been known to oversummer in Hawaii.

They are 9″ with short black bills and legs that are a reddish orange. In flight you can see the bold black pattern on the wings and back.

Their call is a clear rattle or soft whistle.

‘Akekeke frequent the shoreline and mudflats in small flocks and with other shorebirds. Their flight is rapid and an entire clock may rise and turn in unison.

Learn a New Hawaiian Word Today: Kanikau

10 04 2016



Kanikau– to lament, or a chant of mourning

 Keep the Hawaiian Language alive by teaching some one you love this word. Stop today to talk to a child about the beauty of the Hawaiian language.

Hawaiian Reef Etiquette

2 04 2016

Milletseed Butterflyfish

Hawaiian Reef Etiquette This short public service announcement is colorful and educational teaching viewers the proper behavior when watching the sea life in Hawaii. Highly recommended.

Here’s a cool website that lists various Hawaiian fish and their Hawaiian names and more common names here.