2010 Hawaiian Rain Forest Postage Stamps

10 05 2013

Stamp Announcement 10-22: Nature of America: Hawaiian Rain Forest

These handsome stamps feature a Hawaiian rain forest painted by John D. Dawson to remind us all of the important of preserving this habitat for the plants and animals that need shelter from civilization.

from the US Postal Service site:
Featuring a Hawaiian rain forest, the 2010 Nature of America issuance is the 12th stamp pane in an educational series focusing on the beauty and complexity of major plant and animal communities in the United States.

The setting for the colorful acrylic painting on the stamp pane is a rain forest on Hawaiʻi’s largest island, which is also named Hawaiʻi. Artist John D. Dawson painted the scene and each of the previous ones in the Nature of America series.

To illustrate the spectacular biodiversity of a Hawaiian rain forest, the artist depicted more than 24 different species. The scene itself is completely imaginary. Such a dense grouping was necessary in order to show as many plants and animals as possible in the stamp pane format. Even so, every species depicted could be encountered in a Hawaiian rain forest, and all of the species and their interactions are appropriate and were recommended by scientists.

A description of the rain forest and a numbered key to the artwork appear on the back of the stamp pane, along with a corresponding list of common and scientific names for 24 selected species.


13 03 2013

Hula teaches you everything about life. It teaches you about nature, respect, and about God.

-Kamalei Sataraka

Art of Hawaiian Quilts

23 01 2013

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2009 Hawaiian Statehood Stamp

10 04 2012

Herb Kane whose images keep Hawaiian history alive

First issued in August 2009 to celebrate 100 years of Hawaiian statehood this stamp was designed by the great Big Island artist Herb Kawainui Kane who died in 2011. Here’s what the postal service said about this stamp he adorned:

“Artist and historian Herb Kawainui Kane, who has dedicated much of his life to studying Hawaiian culture and history, created the painting on the stamp. In the art, a surfer rides a wave on a long board, a popular choice among surfers for centuries. Next to him, two people paddle an outrigger canoe to shore. Kane has extensive knowledge and experience in surfing, a favorite pastime, and in canoe construction, a skill he developed from building a traditional sailing canoe himself.”

Aloha Shirts: Send a Postcard Today!

18 02 2012

Hawaiian Shirt: the 2012 postcard stamps

The US Postal Service has put out some terrific Hawaiian stamps in the past few years and none will bring a smile like this new strip of thirty two cent stamps for postcards.

In this age of emails and texting take a moment to send a sunny postcard to a friend and adorn it with one of these so called Aloha shirts. You will be sending love and aloha to someone’s mailbox where a hand written message is now as rare as a four-leaf clover.

Hikiau Heiau

26 08 2011

Hikiau Heiau- Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii

Hikiau Heiau, located on Kealakekua Bay, in South Kona, was a luakini temple where human and animal blood was used as sacrifice by the Ancient Hawaiians.

Sitting on the south end of the bay, at coordinates 19°28′31″N 155°55′9″W, it is associated with funeral rites. The large platform made of volcanic rock was said to be over 16 feet high, 250 feet long, and 100 feet wide. It has been established to be the first place that Hawaiians have sustained contact with Western outsiders. Cook’s journals claimed there were four villages with eighty houses each with several thousand native Hawaiian villagers when he landed living along the three miles of shoreline.

A plaque commemorates Hawaii’s first Christian funeral conducted by
Captain Cook on January 28, 1779 mere weeks before his own death.

Across the Bay is the Captain Cook Monument that was erected in 1874 to mark the place Captain James Cook was killed on February 14, 1779. It is only accessible by boat but makes for a lovely journey through the clear waters often accompanied by dolphins and colorful fish visible to paddlers.

Kealekekua Bay State Parkis a 4 acre site with access to the water, picnic tables, rest rooms,and parking.

stones of this ancient heiau

Hawaiian Quilting: a Continuing Tradition

17 03 2010

You Are in Our Hearts, by Nancy Lee Chong, (c) Pacific Rim Quilt Company