Fish of Hawaii: ‘Aweoweo

15 08 2009

More commonly referred to as Hawaiian Bigeye, this native fish is laterally compressed and averages 10-12 inches long. Found at depths of 20-100 feet most commonly in caves in the day time and feeding up in the water column at night.

It feeds on zooplankton such as larval fish, crabs, and other crustacean larvae.

Snowflake Moray: Puhi Kapa in Hawaiian

15 06 2009

The Snowflake Moray, Echidna nebulosa known as Puhi Kapa in Hawaiian, is a tough eel to spot in that it blends in so well with its surroundings.

This small moray gets to lengths of 36 inches in the wild and swims more often in the open during the day than other eels.

It is a carnivore accustomed to eating krill, shrimp, silversides and octopus. Watch carefully when you are snorkeling and you may spot on of these nestled beneath a rock or near sandy surroundings.